July 13, 2015

Bliss Polish - Ice Cream Shoppe Collection

I wasn't able to get the initial release of these because I had just had my card cancelled after my number was stolen. It's all good though, now that I have them. c: This is also my first time using my new macro clip with swatches. They're not that great and I'm gonna try to work on my hand/finger pose for macros for a while until I get something I like to stick with. Swatches after the jump...

June 29, 2015

Vertical Gradient Plus Stamping

I started with a white base on all fingers. Using a cosmetic sponge, I created the gradient son each nail, pink-orange, orange-yellow, yellow-green, green-blue. After a few coats of sponging the colors were pretty opaque and I applied a fast dry top coat. I then stamped over the gradients, waited for them to dry and applied top coat again.

Polishes used:
Chick Pick Polish - Hot Lips, Marma-laid In The Shade, You Mer-rang?, Get In Lime Boys, and Blue So Fine
Rica's Polish - Blackout
Salon Perfect - Top Coat
Bundle Monster plate BM-XL108

June 26, 2015

Noodles Nail Polish - I Don't Fancy American Candy

I hate the taste of my tongue, too damn sweet, I don't fancy American Candy

I won a giveaway! One that I was really fucking excited about! It's been two-ish weeks and I'm still excited and freaking out!

"I Don't Fancy American Candy" from Noodles Nail Polish. Two coats with some glitter placement plus top coat.

It would take me forever to explain why this band means as much to me as they do. I've been a fan since I was 15. Most bands only last a few years for me and then I get bored and move on or my taste in music changes or something. But they've changed and grown up with me and been there through the good times and the bad. If you're interested, here's some of my favorite songs. Go find them on YouTube and just listen. No distractions. I know, so hard (sarcasm). If you listen to them in order, just remember they were babies when they first started... it'll get better, I promise! I'll even bold the ones I think are the most popular/favorites.

Enjoy! <3

The Way We Talk (2007)
Into Your Arms (2008)
Growing Up (2010)
Inside Of You (2010) - This isn't my favorite song of theirs, but it's my favorite live song. I don't really know... it's just the energy I guess.
Color (2010)
I'm Sorry (2011)
Misery (2011)
When I'm At Home (2011)
Like We Did (Windows Down) (2011)
Take Me Dancing (2011)
Love & Drugs (2013)
Fucked Up Kids (2013)
Forever Halloween (2013)
Vanilla (2014)
Ice Cave (2014)
Miles Away (2015)
My Hair (2015)
24 Floors (2015)
American Candy (2015)
And the official song of December 1st...
Ho Ho Hopefully (2008)

June 25, 2015

Land Of The Free Duo

The Land Of The Free Duo is a Fourth Of July Duo from Polish'M and Painted Polish. As soon as I saw the first swatches of this duo, I was in love. Glitter crelly and full coverage glitter and 'Murica?! Yes, please!

"Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Holo" is Painted Polish's contribution. It is a full coverage glitter polish with red, blue, and silver holo glitters. In the swatch I used one regular coat, one sponged coat, plus top coat. I have a few of Lexi's polishes already and love every one of them. I actually won Drunk On Holo in a giveaway and that started my holo obsession.

"American Spirit" is Polish'M's contribution to the duo. It is a white crelly with red, white, and multiple shades of blue matte glitter, micro flakies, red and blue shimmer, and some gold and silver holo. In the swatch, I used two to three coats plus top coat. This is my first Polish'M polish (formerly Lacquerlicious) and it's so perfect. This duo is still available in Michelle's shop and I highly recommend picking it up before it's sold out for good!

June 9, 2015

Sparkle Pretty Polish - 4 Freedom Trio

I have a brand new indie brand to share with y'all today! Sparkle Pretty Polish is releasing two collections for their grand opening, the Fun N Flirty neon collection and the 4 Freedom collection which I will be sharing today! Check out my swatches after the jump!

June 5, 2015

National Donut Day Nail Art

Happy Donut Day everyone! Since I no longer work at Dunkin Donuts (I've moved onto bigger and much better things), I get to actually enjoy today and paint my nails for it! We weren't allowed to have painted nails even if we wore gloves over them and it was torture. I had just started getting into nail art and I couldn't even practice!
Alright, back to today's nails...

I started with a base of Too Yacht To Handle on all but my ring finger. Using a striping brush from my Glam Gadgets set, I painted semi-circles using Coach Ella and filled them in. I took a medium sized dotting tool and made the "edge of the icing" using Nirvana, Pinking Out The Window, and Sugar Cube. I didn't get too close to the edge of the tan to leave some of the "donut" showing. Using the striping brush again, I made sprinkles on my middle finger with Sugar Cube, Treble Maker, and Home Sweet House Music. I didn't have a dotting tool as big as I wanted, so I used the end of a paint brush dipped in Too Yacht To Handle to make the hole in each donut. I waited for these three nails to dry and applied Salon Perfect Top Coat.

For my accent nail, I started with a base of Coach Ella. Using a larger dotting tool, striping brush, and Pinking Out The Window, I created my drips by making three lines from my cuticle toward the middle of my nail and adding dots to the ends of them. I connected the sides of the dots to the line and then connected the lines together with curved lines and filled in. Like with the sprinkled donut nail, I used the striping brush and Sugar Cube, Treble Maker, and Home Sweet House Music for the sprinkles. Finally, I finished with Salon Perfect Top Coat.

Polishes used:
China Glaze - Too Yacht To Handle
China Glaze - Pinking Out The Window
China Glaze - Treble Maker
China Glaze - Home Sweet House Music
Salon Perfect - Sugar Cube
Fresh Paint - Coach Ella
Sinful Colors - Nirvana
Salon Perfect Top Coat

June 4, 2015

Chick Pick Polish - Spring Fling

I hope you're ready for some beautiful matte swatches! Today I have the Spring Fling collection from Chick Pick Polish (minus On The Brink Pink, plus Hot Lips, because I liked that pink better). After receiving a bad batch, they were quickly replaced and the replacements are so perfect!!You ready? This is a long one...